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Embracing Change

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Change is an ever-present fact of business life. Advancing technology, evolving workforce demands and the increasing importance of sustainability mean organisations of every kind need to routinely reassess their positions.

Issue 3 of Vantage Point magazine by Staples Business Advantage takes a look at some of today’s hot topics concerning workplace change. Exploring the needs and desires today’s workforce, it examines ways to satisfy employees while benefitting from adjusted working practices and forward-thinking product choices.

Aware that change occurs in many forms, this issue sheds a light on everything from the gentle evolution of old-faithful office products to the radical new ways of thinking which are starting to influence how, when and where people work. Meanwhile, sustainability stays firmly on the agenda, with positive news about its contribution to bottom-line profitability.

“Embracing change” includes the following articles:

Tearing up the timetable
Can telecommuting & flexi-time be better for productivity? 

Rise of the Millennials
Meet the upstarts who are shaping your company’s future.

Sustainable benefits

How sustainability impacts commercial viability.

Maintaining your grip on technology
What happens when people use their own devices for work.

Integrating generations

How an age-diverse workforce benefits the workplace.

The enduring power of paper

Why paper remains a potent force, even in a digital world.

Too much communication?

Improving email etiquette to increase productivity.

Where worlds collide

Innovations that bridge differing workplace requirements.

Creating continuity
Get organised for ongoing efficiency.

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