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5 tips for business success

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With the dawn of the New Year, every business will be looking for ways to be more successful and productive, but where to begin? Now is the time to make a fresh start and introduce an innovative approach to the office and organising your workload, so read on to find out how you could boost your business.

1. Be fully equipped

Make sure your workforce has the right tools for the job to keep them motivated, and reduce the risk of them seeking employment elsewhere. Essential office supplies keep a business running smoothly. With the rapid decrease in the cost of laptops, tablets and business software, and cloud hosting making it possible to work anywhere with an internet connection, there really is no need for your business to be held back by outdated technology. Even so, 66% of people we surveyed claimed inadequate or poorly performing equipment is holding them back at work and damaging productivity.

2. Boost cyber security
Modern businesses, with their increased reliance on paperless practice, heavily rely on tech so if you haven’t already, you need to prioritise your cyber security this New Year and make sure all computers are properly protected. It’s also important staff are trained to be aware of security risks involved when working online, and are kept up to date on security best practices to help ensure your systems remain secure and virus free.

3. Work that space

Consider an open plan office to encourage teamwork and the sharing of ideas and you should find your staff feel more engaged and involved. A significant 70% of employees claimed that an office environment where you can work easily and effectively with colleagues improves productivity, with 39% saying that being open was vital for a positive work culture.

4. Promote the best
If you want to hang on to your staff, speak to them about what they would do to make their job even better. Our survey found that 38% of workers said the satisfaction with their responsibilities and job title is one of the main things that keeps them loyal to their employers, so make sure your best people have the roles – and rewards – they deserve.

5. Say thank you

Last but not least, always remember to acknowledge good work, both privately and publically, to make your staff feel appreciated. A kind word is free after all, and 26% of employees in our survey said recognition helps them do their best work.

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