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Bring holiday cheer to customers

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With the holiday season drawing near, let your customers and colleagues know how much you appreciate them with handsome, personalised greeting cards. 

Strengthening customer relationships, reinforcing your network of supportive colleagues. You already know that your efforts in these areas will provide big pay-offs. The question is, how do you go about it? One thing we often forget is that a small gesture toward someone can have a big effect. But it has to be done right.

The holiday season is a great occasion to renew an old friendship, regain top-of-mind status with someone important or simply say thank you. And an attractively printed holiday card is the perfect tool. Why?

4 greeting card benefits

  1. It’s simple and inexpensive to produce.
  2. It can be personalised.
  3. It inspires and accommodates many different creative approaches.
  4. It’s a tangible object. One that is meant to be handled.

This last point is especially significant in our increasingly virtual world. Imagine the moment when the recipient receives your card. It will be a real sensory experience:

Picking up the envelope, turning it over to examine it, then cutting or tearing it open. Sliding out the card, opening it up. Looking closely at the printing and graphics as the ambient light interacts with the paper surface and the toner.

These tactile and optical perceptions go directly to the brain, producing subtle yet powerful emotions.

HP Colour Laser Paper
A holiday card is one of those documents where the quality of the paper is as important as the content. That’s why the first place to start your card project is with your choice of paper.

We recommend using HP Colour Laser 200 gsm and above. With just the right thickness and stiffness, the paper is super smooth and offers a superior white shade. Designed to deliver excellent results on virtually any model of printer, HP Colour Laser will make your holiday card look and feel professionally printed, with laser-sharp images and high contrast, vibrant colours.

HP Colour Laser paper will make your presentations, direct mailings, corporate cards and other high impact documents look outstanding. View our range of HP Colour Laser papers now.

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