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Change to a sustainable buying process with Multicopy

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Is your business responsive enough to the evolving market? Make small, strategic adjustments in your buying decisions to stay ahead of the pack and ensure you meet tomorrow’s demand of sustainability. 

Constant change is a well-known success factor. Benjamin Franklin once said that: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” This is especially true in business and purchasing. Make sure your business stays up to date by regularly revising and adapting your category purchases to better correspond to market trends and consumer demands.

The answer to successful progress lies in making small but strategic adjustments in your buying decisions towards more sustainable products. Continuously adding value at the product level can make your purchases a vehicle for driving positive change – without requiring any major transformations. 

So how do you do that?
Let’s say you regularly buy copy paper, a key office product, which plays a significant role in everyday work, but also for the environmental footprint of your business. Have you thought of choosing a sustainable and environmentally certified paper, like Multicopy? Multicopy will ensure you sustain the environment and get value beyond the practical function of the paper. 

People are said to be the average of the five people they spend the most time with – perhaps businesses are the average of their team, products and buying decisions. Since constant change is a key success factor, making these small, strategic changes that boost your business is a way to embrace this mind-set, step by step. 

If you change to Multicopy it will help you:

√ Reduce global warming. No fossil CO2 emissions in production - less contribution to greenhouse gasses. 

√ Minimising your company’s environmental impact. Totally Chlorine free bleaching - less emissions to the environment. 

√ With content to your company’s sustainability story. Forest Stewardship Council certificated (FSC) – all wood used to produce Multicopy is from a sustainable and traceable source. 

√ Sleep knowing your paper protects the environment. EU flower / Nordic swan certificated – ensures that emissions are controlled and minimised during production. 

Ready to make a smaller change in your buying process and meet tomorrow’s demand of sustainability? Dare to change, but don’t overdo it. Regularly revise your set of criteria for choosing office supplies, and always look to add more value. Be strategically picky by targeting the most important pieces of the puzzle, and making them fall into place. If your target is excellent quality and sustainability Multicopy could be the piece of puzzle you are looking for.

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