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Multicopy, the only paper that combines all listed environmental benefits

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How can you tell if your office paper is the best choice for the environment? Some papers can do some of the things some of the time but MultiCopy is the only paper that combines all the listed environmental benefits below all the time. Always with superb runnability and lighting bright whiteness.

√  No CO2 emissions in production - less contribution to greenhouse gasses. Selecting MultiCopy and you   are helping to reduce global warming. Can you current paper claim this?

√  Totally Chlorine free bleaching - less emissions to the environment. You are playing your part in minimising your company’s environmental impact while choosing MultiCopy. Can your current paper claim this?

√  Forest Stewardship Council certificated (FSC) – all wood used to produce MultiCopy is from a sustainable and traceable source. You can add this to your sustainability story. Can your current paper claim this?

√  EU flower / Nordic swan certificated – ensures that emissions are controlled and minimised during production. You can sleep knowing your paper protects the environment. Can your current claim this

√  Still wondering what you can do for the environment? – MultiCopy is the answer.

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