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Tackle your office’s environmental impact by changing your printing habits

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More than ever, businesses across the world are working hard to trim their environmental footprint. And for good reason. Every business, both big and small, contributes to the wider impact on the environment. In Britain alone, businesses account for 31% of all of the country’s emissions. That’s why it makes sense for those with an environmental conscience to adopt planet-friendly practices in the office, as well as at home.  

Tackling your office’s environmental impact can be done in all manner of ways – whether that’s through the reduction of water wastage, cutting down on heating bills or implementing a comprehensive recycling program. One great way to start though is with your office’s printing habits. Printing plays an integral role for many businesses on a daily basis and its impact can soon add up. If you want your office to adopt a green printing policy but don’t know where to start, here are a few ways HP printing products can help you become both more economical and environmentally minded with your office printing. 

Always choose recycled products
It goes without saying that businesses can improve their environmental impact by recycling where possible. However, that can be taken one step further by choosing to buy products that are the result of recycling, such as paper and of course printer cartridges. More than 75% of HP ink cartridges and 24% of HP LaserJet toner cartridges are now manufactured with “closed loop” recycled plastic.1
HP recycled over 102,000 tonnes of hardware and 17,000 tonnes of ink and toner cartridges in 2016 whereas the goal, set in 2016, is to recycle 1.2 million tonnes of hardware and supplies by 2025.

Minimise power consumption
Choosing to take the time to properly turn off electrical office equipment when it’s not in use is a no-brainer. From lighting to laptops, coffee machines to phone chargers, the savings can add up. This is especially true when it comes to printers. Thankfully, HP printers’ Sleep- mode and Auto-Off are a great support in minimising power consumption.  Sleep- mode automatically puts the printer into a lower- power state after a set period of time of non-use. The printer returns to its normal power state when you send another print or scan job. Auto-Off, sometimes called Power Save Mode, turns the printer completely off after a set period of time (usually two hours). You must press the power button to turn the printer back on. By taking advantage of these two functions, your printers can be a source of economy, rather than expense.

Select an eco-conscious printer
Eco- conscious printers are more than accessible, with a wide variety available to purchase. They’re a great choice if you’re serious about improving your business’ green credentials but just like any piece of important office equipment, they do require financial investment. At Staples Solutions, you can find a great selection of HP eco-conscious printers & consumables. Visit staplesadvantage.co.uk and choose one of the Easy on the Planet accredited products that work for you and the environment.  If you need support, get in touch with a member of our friendly team who can provide expert opinion and advice. 

Office printing can be a costly endeavour, both in terms of environmental impact and financial outlay. However, by adopting some of these ideas and slightly tweaking how you and your office print documents, you’ll be able to go green each and every time you send to print.

1. Ink cartridges that include recycled plastic contain 50 - 70% recycled plastic; HP LaserJet toner cartridges that include recycled plastic contain 10 – 20% recycled plastic

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