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Katrin promotes good hand hygiene: Don’t forget the paper!

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With the arrival of autumn comes the flu season. Washing your hands regularly with soap and drying them with a paper towel is the most effective way to minimize infections. Studies show that good hand hygiene can reduce sickness absenteeism by as much as 50%. 

To help people stay healthy – and at work – it’s crucial to ensure that all the office building washrooms are equipped with user-friendly Katrin Inclusive dispensers with perfectly matching high-quality Katrin tissue products. 

Independently of the location, 63 % of Europeans prefer to dry their hands with a paper towel (source: ETS ‘user preference survey’). Therefore the availability of paper towels and toilet tissue is the most important thing in public toilets.

New award winning Katrin dispensers

The recently introduced new Katrin Inclusive Dispensers take into account the needs of different users, including children, the elderly and those who are visually impaired, or have physical disabilities.

The dispensers are easy to use for everybody. The transparent housing lets you see where to drill the screws. Transparent side panels show how much tissue is left. This saves time for facility management personnel and ensures efficient usability and time control.

The new Inclusive Dispenser range has already, during its short period of existence, been awarded many times: it has won the Tomorrow’s Cleaning and Tomorrow’s Facility Management awards and also the Award for Design Excellence and the Design for All Award at the annual Norwegian Design and Architecture Awards.

You only miss it when it’s gone

Like a missing door handle, nobody thinks about the paper until it’s gone. When it is gone, it can ruin an otherwise perfect working day. That’s why we at Katrin do everything in our power to make sure that you’ll never run out.

For instance, our Katrin Classic System Toilet paper 800 is the same size as the standard household toilet roll, but has 5 times more length. With Katrin Inclusive dispenser, that accommodates 2 rolls, it means 200 meters of toilet paper in total. But this won´t help, if you forget to buy the paper.

So whatever you do, don't forget the paper.

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