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HP Enterprise printers with FutureSmart deliver the industry’s deepest printer security

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New HP LaserJet Enterprise printers with JetIntelligence have self-healing printer security features that manage network threats and help keep your business secure.

Automate security compliance
After a reboot, HP Instant-On Security in HP JetAdvantage Security Manager checks and resets device security settings to maintain compliance with your security policies.

HP Sure Start
HP Sure Start validates the integrity of the BIOS code. If the BIOS is compromised, HP Sure Start reboots the device and loads a safe “golden copy” of the BIOS.

During start-up, the firmware is checked to ensure that it is an authentic, known-good code – digitally signed by HP.

Run-time Intrusion Detection
Constantly monitors and detects anomalies during complex firmware and memory operations. In the event of an intrusion, the device automatically reboots.

Printer self-healing security features come built-in with some HP printers.

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