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Seasonal Solutions that Bring Joy to the Office

All work and no play would make the office a very dull place indeed. Stay stocked up on fun festive essentials and office party supplies with Staples’ Seasonal Solutions, and choose from endless employee-, partner- and customer gift ideas.


Whether you’re looking for that special company branded diary or a workaday planner, you’ll want to explore our wide range of products that will make time scheduling a cinch next year.


From custom made gifts for your most valuable customers and the perfect presents for your staff to simple gift cards for those small thank-you moments, we have all the Christmas gifts you could possibly wish for. And, because it’s the season of giving, we donate part of our proceeds to charity.

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For a solution tailored to your needs, contact one of our representatives. Or visit www.staples.eu instead if your company has 20 or less employees.

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