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Why Choose a Single Supplier?

Working with one trusted supplier for all of your product and service needs will not only make your life easier, but it will save you time and money too. 

The value of Staples Business Advantage

Customised solutions, and the service, expertise and savings you need to make more happen. All from one trusted source.

Get the Solutions You Want from a Single Supplier You Trust

Find all the solutions you need for your office, breakroom, facilities, and more in one place - it couldn't be easier.

Food and Breakroom

Your One-Source Food and Breakroom Solution

From coffee and snacks to small domestic appliances, you’ll find everything you need to make your office more comfortable.

Discover the Right Solution for You

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions that Work for You

Find all the technology options you need to work faster, smarter, easier, and better in today's fast-changing world.

Discover the Right Solution for You

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For a solution tailored to your needs, contact one of our representatives.
Or visit www.staples.eu instead if your company has 20 or less employees.

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Let's talk in person EN